Thursday, 23 April 2009

Skate-biking is HUGE

Skate biking.......Huge in Hong Kong, apparently.

Ho's a housewife

Watch out, they are official out there.

Housewives..... Probably wearing at least one item of clothing with rhinestones on it, half inch heels, a knock off designer handbag on one hand & pulling a small grocery cart with the other. They serve no purpose & usually spend their days shopping in local malls or gossiping about neighbors or other family members. They jump ques, talk EXTREMELY loudly on their phones & lets just say their etiquette on buses leaves a lot to be desired - I'm talking clipping nails / dry skin off their feet and leaving the aftermath on the seats....... That's just fu*king dirty.

So yeah, the modern day Hong Kong housewife patrol are about....... Stay sharp.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Vans HK now open

Quick update...... Vans store @ Langham place (MongKok) is now open for those who arnt aware. Its pretty small to be honest & i didn't really see anything of note that isn't available in the thousand other Vans stockists around the city (maybe a bit of apparel). But anyway, its Level 6.... check it out.

hold up, stop, wait a minute

I mentioned Visvim a while back..... Now before you go & max your Mam & Dad's visa bill, have a look here

props to Mr.Chiu for the insight.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday monday

Not Hong Kong specific but F' it, its Monday & I'm bored

Regardless whether he wants to be Eminem or not..... the tracks good.