Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Whether its rush hour on a morning, lunch time or the walk to the bus stop after work, i love a game of dodgems with the locals. Its easy to play too........ Simply weave your way through the busy streets at peak times and try to avoid bumping into other people and delivery / grocery carts.

Housewives. Experts in the game, years of experience. They stop in the middle of the street without notice. But on the other hand they will rush past you only to stop a few feet in front to casually take it in the surroundings. Unpredictable, real tricky.

Grocery carts, they hurt your toes man, & owners can be vicious with it.

Loaded carts, obviously slower yet they demand right of way and can come out from nowhere.

empty carts, a quick opponent, nimble through the crowds. They will clip your ankles if your not careful.

O.A.P's, always up for a game of dodgems. With the pace of a snail - getting past them is a hard task, a difficult opponent.

Have a go tomorrow, it's a fu*king blast.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Death cab for cutie

Getting around by mini bus (or public light bus) is a always an experience. No designated stops (just a destination) means it will literally brake anywhere for you. They also like their buses to be full (because it goes towards their final pay??) which means doing a crazed dash in between noted passenger pick up points.

Sure, 100 km/h might not seem a lot...... But, this speed doesn't change regardless of approaching junctions, public crossings or even roundabouts. Truly grab the handles & cling on stuff.
The drivers to & from MongKok seem to be the most courageous & i swear, the guy who brought me back the other week looked about 15 years old! But then again I'm shit at guessing Chinese peoples age.