Friday, 17 April 2009

Fish sticks n that

The Yeezy hype train continues its journey next month with the release of the black / pink colorway. I saw the shoe in the flesh for the first time a few weeks ago & i have to say it did change my opinion of them. The quality / shape looks really good, although the colors (pink behind the tongue on the first shoe, wtf???) and overuse of patent / 'Y' print is a tad off putting.

Although the first two colorways are not great the two upcoming releases look promising, especially the third drop - for me anyway. 150 pounds rrp is a little over the top to say the least........But, where there is demand and immense hype, Nike as always deliver in style.

One word of advice though...... If your gonna wear them, don't wear your APC new cure's (or any other tight legged jean / pant) too - its not a good look. Just because McFly pulled it off doesn't mean you can...... Pack it in.

*Upcoming black / pink colorway is on display @ NSW Hong now Kong for your viewing pleasure, available early May for HK$1999.

Speaking of Mr.West, this ^ is fu*king fantastic!
Check out these too....... - nice huh?

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