Thursday, 23 July 2009

Getting about

In Hong Kong its common place to use public transport, which is entirely different to the UK. Its not looked upon like your 'of the lower class' either. Its socially acceptable if you will. For most its simply not logical to buy a car as almost everywhere in the city is easily accessible via bus, tram or rail networks. All forms of profession from bankers to shop assistants, builders to housewife's sit side by side on a morning.

For a start its clean, reliable and relatively cheap. In England its the exact opposite. More often than not you also get a bunch of annoying fucking chavs ready to knife you if you tell them to turn the happy hardcore rave blasting out of their mobile phones down.

At peak hours you'll find they can become packed though. Especailly busses. If you get on at a late stop (before heading to HK Island in my case) then your left with a difficult dilemma.

Up the stairs...... shit, no two seaters left...... Ok head for the back. Then you look to see who's eligible................

No not there - that man is too fat. Not there - that housewife is shouting on her phone. Not there either - he looks like he stinks. Find someone skinny = more leg space for you!!!

My commute involves going over a bridge, through a tunnel in the hills and then another tunnel under the sea. I've been going back and forth for about 6 months now and i can honestly say I'm not bored of the views yet.

Near Siu Lam village

The Ting Kau bridge

The huge container port

Towards the worlds third tallest building and finally the picturesque sky line that is Hong Kong Island.

As monotonous buss journeys go i guess this a pretty good one.

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