Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Zevs - Live @ The Kee Club

So Zevs made it out of jail just in time to perform a 'live dripping' at Kee Club in Central this evening. No pics of the actually body painting (model was hot) coz it was a strict 'no photos allowed' policy and not to mention pretty dark too. But it wasnt the most entertaining affair to be honest, definitely the easiest 5 mins work Mr.Z has done in a while. His solo exibition starts tomorrow at Art Statements gallery, 5 Mee Lun St.

Bulky ass postcard / invites.....

$5,500 for this LV piece. *That doesnt include the frame though*. The canvas multi colour LV works were $98,000 if my memory sevres my well.


I love Coach's store by night

Ok poor shot i know but this amongst this lump of bags there is actually a women somewhere..... who is EVERYWHERE i go in Central - 24/7!

Night HK.

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