Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hard as nails

With the lack of a decent state pension for some of the elderly in Hong Kong (or in some cases lack of children to look after them) many of the elderly are forced to collect cardboard (or anything else they can gather up) in return for money. And not a great deal of money as far as I'm aware.

As if rummaging around in rubbish bins wasn't degrading enough, they've also got to pile it all together and weave through bustling crowds with carts sometimes stacked higher than themselves. Oh and not forgetting a little added 33 degrees and 90% humidity too. I should of really took more pics before posting this, but if your out & about in HK then your sure to see it. The true work horses of Hong Kong.

In the world of cardboard collecting its survival of the fittest..... Would your Grandma survive?

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