Monday, 3 August 2009

a little rant

Manners...... And an absolute lack of. What is it with people? Not holding doors open, pushing in queues, shouting ridiculously loud in public. If another person knocks into me instead of just saying ''excuse me'' or ''m goi'' I'm gonna punch them in the face.

Ok its different cultures, different set of rules, i know i know. But in what society is it ok for you to blow your nose and proceed to nonchalantly throw it on the floor like its a designated rubbish bin..... ITS PEAK FLU SEASON, AND NOT TO MENTION A LITTLE THING CALLED 'SWINE FLU' YOU FUCKING RETARDED IDIOT.

Rant over.


Eugene Kan said...

I'm loving Canada right now for the polar opposite behaviors of my fellow Canadians hhaha relative to local HKers.

HK in retrospect seems like the shits these days, and while I do miss the convenience of HK, ultimately politeness goes a long way.

Keeping It Tidy said...

for sure pal, I'm still a little taken a back by peoples behavior at times - but hey.... I'm living in THEIR country so maybe a should just shut the fuck up and deal with it Hahaa!

Enjoy CDA, before you know it you'll be back fighting for a space on the sidewalk with the rest of us!