Thursday, 5 November 2009

Celebrity teachings

Parents of Hong Kong students seem obsessed with getting their children the best education. Influenced by the surroundings of course, HK as an international finance hub offers great reward to those with a high IQ. And so teachers that boast a high exam success rate come in strong demand.

Celebrity tutors can make a boatload from marketing themselves. Splashing yourself on billboards, buses and trams or posters seems to pay kindly for these new found celebs.

Check these pics out,

Meet Michael G, economics teacher & by the look of things one pretty cool muthafucker. Running with the familiar 'CHANGE' motto you could strap a guitar to this guys back & he wouldnt look out of play playing a gig down your local.

This is Joe Chan, looks mean doesn't he? Don't let that stern stare put you off, his economical knowledge is the shit.

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