Friday, 5 February 2010

''Dare to be''

Now i don't know a lot about Jimmy Black footwear. Cant even find a link for them (searched for all of 2 mins ill be honest) via Google. They run with the bold (& well, quiet honest in fact) ''we dare'' slogan & judging by the pics you cant help but agree. If your familiar with CPU sneaker stores around HK you may have noticed them. They recieve quiet a prominent store display so I'm guessing they could be an in house thing.

Like a spam email come true isn't it? There's numerous Vans, a Visvim FBT, Clarks Natalie (not in pics), Danner & a shady couple of Red Wings in there too. Maybe only missing an air bubbled model to complete the mission of ripping off every relevant footwear brand from the past 20 years?

Someone call Shenzhen, they've had their shoes robbed.


Eugene Kan said...

Their shit is so terrible... but so cheap.

Branny said...

yo bro. thats some funny shit u write about.. keep it up bro. RESPECT... peace.

WF said...

The toe cap on the Red Wing rip off is about as chunky as a golf driver! $999 (128 US) for the mountain boot like joints.

Who signed off on this? springs to mind. Just plain nasty all of them