Thursday, 25 June 2009

Racing to wi..... lose

Happy valley racecourse is unique. Slap bang in the middle of residential buildings its a pretty good place to check out on a Wednesday evening. This week's race was the last before it goes into summer retirement until September. A good decision, if it were any hotter the horses would pass out with heat stroke. It was a sweaty affair.

Its a big place too, the stands are huge, ranging from the corporate box's above, to the cattle pen on the ground floor.
One things for sure you'll never see a larger gathering of western people in HK. Spot the Chinese man...... 1..... 2, umm.....?

No idea who the guy in the middle is. The girls at the side hugged him after everything he said, must be doing something right

Celeb spotting time, the guy in the yellow tee is Patrick Fok. He reads the news every night.... Whats up Pat!?!

Time to place your bets.......


It was a sweat box outside but like true westerners we embraced it, as you do. The locals however stayed in the (air conditioned) concourse, smart move.

These guys probably had some exclusive tips, but they weren't sharing.

Some people won.....

I however don't know a thing about horse racing so i chose a horse called 'Supreme Gold' - purely based on the fact that i like the brand 'Supreme' - Bad idea. I lost, obviously..... then drank some more.
This women 'won big' she said. Although she gave me fu*k all.

After race entertainment.
A good night.

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