Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hong Kong essentials, summer 09

Survival kit for Hong Kong, summer 09.

Bug spray: I've sprayed the shit out of my apartment recently, its vital. (cheap 'no fills' shit i know, works though!!)

Umbrella: The weather is way too unpredictable at the minute - you definitely need one. I managed to find this rather convenient little one, although it has been likened to a dildo..... But that's the mind of a boy who lives in Wan Chai for you.

Air con: Saves my life almost everyday, really. Whoever invented it is a great man. Although it leaves me comatosed in the mornings, I simply cant do without it. 23 degrees please.

Waterproof spray: Just finished the last of my shoes, time will tell if it holds up as a typhoon rain blasts down, fingers crossed.

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